In this lil quickie, we cover the fun parts of the past couple of weeks, update Piper’s GROWTH, Monica slaps her small titties and discuss some clurb behind the scenes.

Next week’s episode is going to be non-stop triggering and definitely not as fun as any episode we’ve ever put out so we’re preemptively sorry and if you want happy fun times, go to for a pallet cleanser or to just be incredibly fucking cool.

This week, we discuss tips on dealing with potentially suicidal people for Suicide Awareness Month, we warn all of your triggers and discuss hyper-sexuality post assault and how to combat the negative effects it causes, talk tips about setting healthy boundaries, and the return of Piper on a bad, bad night.

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Suicide Hotline (call/text) : 1-800-273-8255
Go to for 24/7 support if you’ve been a victim of sexual assault.

This week, we discuss Maci’s entire life exploding, identity issues and body dysmorphia, how mandatory homeschooling is going, tips on lovin yourself, and how a certain celebrity fucked up more than just OnlyFans. Make sure you leave a 5 star review on iTunes and become a patron for only $6! Need someone to talk to?

We’re baaaaack! This week, we discuss Monica’s new life, Maci’s new-ish job, the absolute need for meditation and manifestation, law and order and Monica’s incessant need to make bad situations worse.

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Join Monica and Maci this week as they explore the new dumpster fire that is Tinder, how children are probably not but maybe being sold on popular websites, wearing masks, and ask each other deep parenting questions that Monica doesn’t ever answer.

Only Fans mom of the week – TINA!!!! /vrynakedslut

NEW INTROOOO?! by Monica’s former ex-boyfriend Parker Slavens.

We briefly touch on Maci’s weekend and then dive into the cases of Tony McDade, Sean Reed, Sgt. LaVina Johnson, Martha Puebla and Juan Catalan. These cases highlight the ongoing systemic racism that plagues the black community, as well as other minorities. We’re happy to announce that as of 06/09, the Denton County commissioner’s court has voted to remove the dickhole Confederate statue from our square. Click the link here to see a list of petitions that still need signing, shop this list of black owned businesses here,  and don’t sleep on these issues until black lives are safe from law enforcement and white people entirely.

This week, we are joined by the hilarious Greg (@g_peoples) and Calvin (@iampapiii_) to discuss racism, big words, Maci’s new diagnosis, not coronavirus, relationships, Monica’s crumbling life situation, fatherhood and coparenting. Listen to their podcast Y’all See The Vibes and follow their page on Instagram @ ystvpodcast to laugh and be inspired.

We are joined by THE Lady Law to discuss her success on OnlyFans, the difficulty of dealing with mental health issues and eating disorders while also maintaining a public image and also how all moms suck sometimes. Make sure you subscribe, leave a 5 star review on iTunes, follow us on all social media and join us on Patreon for tons of bonus content!

We discuss the ripple effect of Kobe’s sudden passing, what the fuck CTE is and how it’s affecting athletes and their families, why Monica suddenly quit her job and we call @BrittanyNoelBello to discuss her split with How To Be Social due to her sex work.

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On this week’s episode, we sit down with Díana to discuss her experience working in the mental health field as a qualified mental health professional for a mobile crisis outreach team and a residential advocate for a domestic violence shelter. We also put on our foreign affairs hats to discuss WW3 and discuss whether or not medical professionals have the ultimate say on whether or not someone’s taken off life support. LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW ON iTUNES OR WE WILL CRY.

This week, Monica mispronounces the word inundated, Bethel Church is discussed and somehow Casey Anthony was dragged into it, Maci learns about Jonestown in a lengthy sidebar, and Monica talks about  going viral several times and how it fucked with her off of the internet.

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We’re joined by @loneleestone to discuss how badass she is being a single mother, raising a child with autism and being a sex worker with clout, as well as various injuries, shitty current events and what it’s like dating someone with untreated mental illnesses.

*Please disregard what sounds like a continuous stream of piss in the background as it’s just a fishy tank

*CW: Sexual Assault*
In this deeeep episode, Monica talks about her sexual assaults and how it has formed her parenting style, as well as raising both boys and girls in today’s rape culture. We also talk about “the sex talk” with children, how Monica wasted another steak and the pros and cons of “cancel culture” and whether or not some people can be redeemed from it.

CW: infant loss

In this lil shorty episode, Monica is sad cause she dumped her boyfriend again, Maci realizes she’s burnt out from sex work, Monica sheds light on the #JusticeForAsa situation unfolding in Georgia and then they discuss the real life version of the movie The Orphan in all its wonderful ridiculousness.

IN OUR FIRST EVER ACTUALLY PRODUCED EPISODE we discuss another old favorite failure of Monica’s, tips on dating moms, and Shae joins us to discuss felonies and a hella kinky party.

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*The audio is a little screwy here and there, we’re working on it!!!!* Both of our kids are in kindergarten, what the hell, Maci makes a good step dad, Monica talks about another serial killin douche bag, Maci gets read on a porch behind a bar and Monica breaks up with another person we think.

We’re late, but not in a terrible way. In this surprisingly short episode, we talk about our current mental states, how to pick up someone you’re interested in and hella butt stuff.

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